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ආයුබෝවන්! hello!

If you do not have Sinhala Unicode installed, you may see squares or whatever your web browser is supposed to show in place of unrecognized unicode characters. What these characters say is pronounced aayubowan IPA:[aːjubɔwan], which means 'may you live long!', the traditional greeting of the people of Sri Lanka, where I originate from.

Information on this web page cover stuff of my interest, and stuff I feel like I have something to talk about. These stuff are, in no particular order:


Photography is one of my major hobbies at the moment; have a look at my photo album.

Sri Lanka

The small and beautiful island in the indian ocean, known to the ancient Greeks and Romans and Taprobane, known in the lore of Arabic sailors as Serandip, and gave English language the word 'serendipity'. You can find more information in my Sri Lanka pages, and once in a while when I update my photo gallery.

City of Galle

In the southern part of Sri Lanka lies the old and calm city Galle. It is believed that Galle is the ancient seaport "Tarshish", from which king Solomon drew the ivory and other valuables. It is perhaps the district in Sri Lanka with most diverse ecology and environments. It is also the place for one of Sri Lanka's best beaches, and UNESCO world heritage site of Galle Dutch Fort.

I love cats very much, so there's a section for them.

Enjoy the stay :)